A Closer Look at Flooring Lab's Revolutionary Approach to NFT Market

A Closer Look at Flooring Lab's Revolutionary Approach to NFT Market

As the prices of Jeergirl floors are skyrocketing, let's take a moment to delve deeper into Flooring Lab, a platform daring to take over the collection.

The founder, FreeLunchCapital, has shown great confidence and played a significant role in the current trend, pushing the Jeergirl floor price to approximately 0.4 E.

Flooring Lab is a pioneering platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain, reshaping the accessibility and liquidity of the NFT market. They utilize innovative techniques such as NFT fragmentation and μ-Token, allowing users to get high-value NFTs at a much lower cost. Its arrival signifies the opening of the digital asset market to a larger audience.

Project website: http://fp.io

Key Innovations and Highlights:

  1. NFT Fragmentation: By splitting an individual NFT into tradable μ-Tokens, Floor Protocol offers a means to make high-value NFTs more affordable and fluid. This innovation broadens the participation of users who might have been priced out from the NFT market.
  2. Safebox and Vault Features: Floor Protocol offers two distinct asset management methods: Safebox and Vault. The Safebox allows users to secure their NFTs and manage assets more flexibly through μ-token and Safe Key. The Vault feature enables users to store NFTs on the platform, which can be exchanged for μ-Tokens and traded freely.
  3. Multiple uses of the $FLC token: In the Floor Protocol, the $FLC token has various uses, such as serving as collateral, procuring VIP privileges, partaking in auctions, and liquidity mining. This multifunctional design increases the token's utility, promoting overall ecosystem health and vitality.
  4. Security and Audit: Despite early security issues, Floor Protocol has collaborated with professional security teams like Halborn and OtterSec to reinforce its safety measures and auditing processes, heightening user trust and platform stability.
  5. Market performance and growth potential: Floor Protocol's performance and potential for growth are crucial highlights. Despite various challenges, the platform has demonstrated its central role in the fluidity and accessibility of the NFT market. It is poised to further expand its market influence.

More about @FlooringLab can be found in the project's white paper.

In short, compared to many other NFT projects, Jeergirl has already solved the biggest prevalent issue: liquidity. There are 3000 wives in total, almost 1/5 have been taken over, with the current collection having a tvl of 160 Ethereum and a pool of 441 NFTs.

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