A Revisitation of Bitmap's Unfolding After 6 Months

A Revisitation of Bitmap's Unfolding After 6 Months

Six months have already passed since the bitmap blockout and there have been many significant updates over these months. Here, we'll provide an overview and introspection of the progress, divided into smaller sections for clarity.

Big Sales

The bitmap NFT market has seen some impressive sales. Among the most substantial were 30.bitmap, sold for 0.85 BTC, and 92.bitmap, which fetched 0.6 BTC. Other notable sales included 93.bitmap, 524.bitmap, and 307.bitmap, sold for 0.5 BTC, 0.3 BTC, and 0.29 BTC, respectively.

BitEarth Goes Live

A significant milestone was reached on December 5 when BitEarth.io explorer went live, with as many as 800,000 bitmaps being disseminated across the Earth. Now, you can view the prices of listed bitmaps via ordinalswallet and MEonBTC, with future offerings through BitEarth also anticipated.

Bitmap Whitepaper Updates

Continuing the educational efforts, a new section was added to the bitmap whitepaper on December 6. This part, dubbed 4b, focuses on theories related to bitmap – a valuable resource for those endeavoring to understand the intricacies of this digital landscape.

Dark City and Bitmap Valley

By December 9, Dark City teased the establishment of gang headquarters in Dark City on 799935.bitmap for OG's.

Furthermore, the Bitmap Valley saw new developments as IMSO released a video tutorial highlighting features such as parcel customization, the inclusion of Bitcoin as a payment method, and more.

Bitmap Land & Bitmap.game

Bitmap Land was made live on December 11 by Inscribed Space, offering users a 3D exploration of their own bitmaps, among other features.

Likewise, updates for Bitmap.game, including support for OKX & Bitget Wallets and addition of room passwords, bitmap domains, and HTML support, were announced.

Dreamland and Bitmap Explorer

In the middle of December, @BavoBTC hosted a Bitmap Carnival at Dreamland, attracting over a hundred attendees. Additionally, Bitmap Explorer was integrated as an official DApp on the OKX wallet.

Bitmon Theory and Liquidium Collaboration

Towards the end of December, Bitmon Theory was introduced and bitmap was made live on Liquidium, a platform that enables bitmap holders to borrow and lend BTC.

Recursiverse Rebrands and Bitmap API

In another important development, Recursiverse announced a rebranding exercise to become Bitmap Tech. Simultaneously, GeniiData announced an API for use free with bitmap, offering further convenience.

Bitmap Tech

Bitmap Tech also announced partnerships with Particle Network, Lumoz Organization and Izumi Finance to provide both technical support and liquidity solutions. In an alliance with MOBOX, Bitmap Tech aims to bring AAA gaming to bitcoiners and bitmappers.

$BMP Claim Update

Even though the claim period for the $BMP ended on December 31, a one-week grace period for transfers was announced, benefiting delayed claimers.

Bitmap Holder Disclosure

As of late, a surge in bitmap holder counts has been witnessed, standing at 31,217, compared to Decentraland holders at 8,145.

Price & Top Holders

The floor price of bitmap showed a positive upswing, reaching $300 on December 21. Among the top holders, one noticeably sold or transferred 11k+ bitmap in December.

That concludes our six-month review of Bitmap's journey. The future holds much promise as we anticipate more innovative applications and exciting advancements in the coming months.

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