Master Beast Brawling and Earn Airdrop Rewards in Kuroro Beast Season 3

Master Beast Brawling and Earn Airdrop Rewards in Kuroro Beast Season 3

The highly anticipated Season 3 of Kuroro Beast has finally started, and this time it comes with exciting $KURO airdrop rewards. In this article, we will not only discuss the airdrop but also provide you with tips to improve your gameplay in order to maximize your chances of earning the airdrop rewards. If you are familiar with playing Pokemon, then Beast Brawl should come naturally to you.

What is Kuroro Beast?

Kuroro Beast is a multidimensional creature collecting gaming ecosystem built on the Arbitrum chain in collaboration with Treasure DAO.


Beast Brawl

Beast Brawl is the first game released under the Kuroro Beast ecosystem. It is a turn-based battle simulator that will feel familiar to those who have played Pokemon before. The game offers an exciting and strategic battle experience.

Wilds: Call of The Islands

In addition to Beast Brawl, Kuroro is also developing a creature combat RPG called Wilds: Call of The Islands. Although this game is still in development, players can expect a mix of exciting gameplay elements inspired by Pokemon and Zelda.

How to Play Beast Brawl

To start playing Beast Brawl, all you need is a Discord account, and the game is completely free to play. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Go to @kurorobrawl on Discord.
  2. Visit the Kuroro Beast website.
  3. Click on "Play now."
  4. Select "Beast Brawl."
  5. Click on "Play" and try out the team of the week.
  6. Battle and enjoy the game.

Beast Brawl utilizes a unique set of gameplay mechanics. It's important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different elements to make strategic decisions during battles. It may initially be confusing, so we recommend screenshotting a chart provided in the game to assist you. Last season, Beast Brawl was updated to show offensive strengths of moves, but it's still crucial to know type matchups, especially immunities.

Status Effects

Beast Brawl incorporates various status effects that can greatly impact battles. Here are a few examples:

  • Burn: Inflicts damage over time and reduces physical attack. Immune to fire and water attacks.
  • Paralyze: Reduces speed and healing capabilities. Immune to electric and earth attacks.
  • Corrosion: Inflicts damage over time. Immune to corrosion and combat attacks.
  • Sleep: Prevents the use of moves for one turn. Immune to plant and electric attacks.


There are a wide variety of moves available in Beast Brawl, giving players plenty of options to build their team. Here are a few tips:

  • Pick two moves of your beast's element with the correct attack typing.
  • Consider using either a strong attack on a single enemy or a slightly weaker attack that hits both enemies.
  • Using a single target move three times in a row grants an additional status effect based on the element, which can be game-changing.
  • Shields and status effect cards can be useful, but some beasts are better suited for three attacking moves, especially glass cannons or those with a 4x weakness.

Attribute Stats

Understanding attribute stats is crucial to developing a successful strategy. Speed is the most important attribute, so knowing the speed barriers of other beasts is vital. For example, you need to know how much speed you need to add to your Stormstinger to make it faster than Vitorian. A basic recommendation is to maximize speed (+50) and relative attack (+50).

Support Moves

Support moves in Beast Brawl can greatly influence the outcome of battles. Here are a few examples:

  • Redirection Sign: Redirects all attacks to the beast using this move. Only a few beasts have access to this move.
  • Shield: Blocks any attack for one turn, but cannot be used consecutively.
  • Veils: Reduces damage from physical or mystic attacks by 50% for five turns.
  • Team Help: Boosts ally's attack by 50%.
  • Stat Boosts: Raises your attributes by 50%-100%. For example, an accelerated Metalodon can be a lot of fun to play with.
  • Reset: Resets all stat boosts for both you and your opponent.
  • Provocation: When provoked, you can only use attacks or switch beasts.

Ready to Airdrop

After playing a few games, you will start to discover your playstyle. By participating in Beast Brawl, you will earn XP, level up, and improve your leaderboard ranking. The higher your position on the leaderboard, the greater your allocation of $KURO airdrop rewards will be. You can track your progress and see the badges you have earned on the airdrop dashboard.

Airdrop Details

A total of 7,000,000 $KURO (7% of the supply) will be distributed to players over the next couple of months through the Play to Airdrop Event. The better your performance and ranking, the more $KURO you will receive.

Enjoy Season 3 of Kuroro Beast and Beast Brawl, and make sure to participate in the Play to Airdrop Event to earn exciting rewards!

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