Mavia's Gaming Economic: "Mass Ownership Model"

Mavia's Gaming Economic: "Mass Ownership Model"

In this article, let's talk about Mavia's pioneering "Mass Ownership Model", a disruptor in gaming economics.

Mavia introduces a fresh approach to traditional 'Play-to-Earn' models with 'Ruby', the game's own currency. Ruby is accessible to all players, attainable through achievements and participation in events.


Value of Ruby

Ruby possesses an exclusive value within the Mavia environment. It’s used for crafting Legendary Items like skins, cosmetics, and consumables. These aren’t just simple in-game assets but perform as NFTs, purposefully designed to elevate your gaming experience.

Effortless Trading in Mavia

Incorporating Google and Apple's guidelines, Mavia provides a seamless trading experience within its application. Players can trade Legendary Items for Ruby through on-chain transactions, ensuring an inclusive experience for everyone.

Player-Driven Value

With the value of Ruby being player-driven, Mavia eliminates fears of price manipulation, ensuring a fair and dynamic gaming environment. The unique marketplace embraces diversity by offering a range of items, breaking free from a monopolized currency system.

Creating Exit Liquidity

Mavia's model abandons the 'pay to win' concept. Instead, it establishes what's called 'creating exit liquidity.' Fiat/Crypto earnings go directly to the players who earned the items, fostering a positive and rewarding gaming community.

Compliance with App Store Policies

Mavia's model adheres to app store policies. Ruby is not a cryptocurrency, thereby side lining the possible restrictions. In-app trades exclusively use Ruby, satisfying Apple's guidelines, with a small Sapphire fee included for compliance and revenue generation.

Elimination of Gas Fees

Forget worrying about gas fees! Skrice Studios covers all gas fees, reducing the need for players to hold cryptocurrency. This initiative is a win-win for both players and compliance with app store regulations.

The Role of Sapphire

In the dynamic world of Mavia, Sapphire takes the spotlight as the premium in-game currency, enriching the gaming experience. Derived from in-app purchases, Sapphires act as a bridge among time, resources, and strategic gameplay. They are more than just a currency; they serve as catalysts for an accelerated Mavia adventure.

Boost Gameplay with Sapphire

Sapphires serve to speed up gameplay, enhance resources, provide protection, and enable smooth trading. Owning Sapphires is seen as an investment in a seamless, accelerated Mavia experience, pushing the boundaries of traditional gameplay.

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