Maximizing Rewards: Estimating the Value and Strategies for Manta Airdrop

Maximizing Rewards: Estimating the Value and Strategies for Manta Airdrop

This article provides a quick update on the Manta airdrop, specifically analyzing the value of the airdropped tokens and strategies to maximize rewards. Please note that this update is relevant only to those involved in the Manta project.

Estimating the Value

The Manta project has a total token supply of 1 billion units, with 5% of the supply being airdropped (50 million tokens). Based on this information, the estimated value of the airdrop can be calculated.

Valuation Based on Raise:

Considering that approximately $500 million will be locked by the time the airdrop is distributed, and the project was valued at $500 million during the last fundraising round, the airdrop value can be estimated at $25 million if the valuation remains the same. This would result in a value of 50 cents per coin.

Based on Other L2s:

Comparing the valuations of Manta and other Layer 2 solutions, such as Metis, it is estimated that Manta's valuation could be around $551 million or $0.51 per token, assuming $500 million is deposited before the airdrop.


Based on these estimates, the value of Manta tokens could range from $0.40 to $1, depending on various factors. It is more optimistic to estimate the value around $0.70 per token due to the strong backing of the project.

Estimating the Value - Gaming the Drop

This section provides strategies to maximize rewards during the airdrop by focusing on obtaining the first modular NFT.

Goal 1 - Get the 1st Modular:

To qualify for a chunk of the airdropped tokens, it is important to combine the 6 NFTs into a modular NFT. The ranking is based on the number of 1st modular tokens acquired.


1) Invest an amount you are willing to risk, ideally at least 1 ETH, to acquire boxes and NFTs

2) Increase your investment if desired, while staying within your comfort zone

3) Coordinate with others to maximize 1st Modular rewards by transferring NFTs.

Math on 1st Modular Value:

Assuming each 1st Modular guarantees an equal share of the 45 million units, the valuation of a standard 10,000 L2 first modular NFT collection would be approximately 0.8-0.9 ETH.


For most participants, the game revolves around collecting NFTs, while larger players can explore strategies using Layerbank and DeFi products. Timing is crucial, so it is advisable to wait until the last second to open NFT boxes and check with others to complete your collection. The value of the L2 Modular NFT can be calculated closer to the end of the event.

Final Reminders:

1) Only risk what you were planning to hold in spot anyway

2) Do not buy NFTs as individual L2 modulars are unlikely to be worth 1 ETH.

3) Calculate the value of the L2 Modular NFT towards the end to double-check the valuation.

4) Expect a return of approximately 7% in the past 2-3 weeks, assuming an equal distribution of tokens and a valuation of $0.70 per token.

5) Use the provided link and code to deposit funds if interested in the Layerbank.

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