The Future of Music on the Blockchain The Future of Music on the Blockchain is a music platform that uses blockchain technology to offer limited edition tokenized songs, allowing fans to have exclusive ownership and creating a sense of community.

This platform provides perks, resale opportunities, and supports emerging artists. The app is built on Layer 2 solutions for scalability and offers a mobile-first approach. Users can pay with a card and curators can earn rewards.'s success showcases the future of onchain applications, offering a seamless user experience and new revenue streams for artists.

Over 1 Million Minted Songs is a music platform that leverages blockchain technology to create a new way for artists and fans to connect through tokenized, limited edition releases of songs. With over 1 million songs minted, it offers a glimpse into the future of onchain applications. This article will explore the steps has taken to become a successful onchain app and what it means for users, builders, and investors. is not just another music streaming platform. It is a platform that allows artists to release limited edition tokens for their songs. Fans who purchase these tokens become exclusive owners of that edition, similar to owning a limited edition vinyl. This concept creates a sense of exclusivity and community for fans, while also providing opportunities for resale.

Why Should You Care?

Limited edition drops: Fans can own exclusive editions of songs, creating a unique connection with the artist.

Fan engagement: Token owners can enjoy special perks such as access to exclusive events, Q&A sessions with the artist, and behind-the-scenes content.

Community building: By owning a token, fans become part of a community centered around the artist, fostering discussions, fan art creation, and a deeper connection.

Resale opportunities: Fans can resell their tokens on the blockchain, potentially at a higher value, especially if the artist becomes more popular.

Supporting emerging artists: This model allows emerging artists to directly monetize and engage with a dedicated fan base without relying on traditional music industry infrastructure.

Building an Appealing Application: has implemented several key strategies to create an appealing application that offers a frictionless experience for users.

Build on an L2: has chosen to build on Layer 2 solutions like Optimism and Base. These solutions provide scalability, lower gas fees, and faster transactions, essential for supporting millions of artists and billions of users.

Mobile-first: recognizes the importance of optimizing the mobile experience. They have prioritized building and optimizing their mobile application, as most users prefer to listen to music on their phones. Although Apple's 30% fees limit song minting to desktop, the minted songs are accessible on the mobile app.

Pay with Card: To ensure widespread use, allows users to pay with a debit or credit card. Users can choose to pay in fiat or ETH using their own wallet or's native bridge. This eliminates the need for users to leave the app to bridge their funds, enhancing the user experience.

Curator Rewards: offers a unique feature in which curators can earn rewards. Curators can create playlists, share songs, and embed them into websites, blogs, or newsletters. They earn 5% from every primary mint generated from referral links, a feature not present in traditional web2 platforms.

Marketing Campaigns: has implemented various marketing campaigns to spread awareness and attract users. Partnerships with Coinbase Wallet and big artists like Snoop Dogg, as well as viral songs like the V Buterin song by Optimism Collective, have helped drive adoption and engagement.

The Future of Onchain Applications: serves as a glimpse into the future of onchain applications. By providing a seamless and user-friendly experience, demonstrates that onchain applications can be as user-friendly as web2 apps. It also showcases the potential for new revenue streams and engagement opportunities for artists and curators.

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