The Evolution of Jeerclub: A Journey from Jeer to Jeergirl

The Evolution of Jeerclub: A Journey from Jeer to Jeergirl

Today, let's have an extensive discussion about the development of Jeerclub, from being Jeer to becoming Jeergirl that took nearly three months.

Inception of Jeerclub

Jeerclub's journey began with the concept of Jeer.

The founder of Jeerclub launched it on the AlienSwap NFT platform, where owning a 'code' was essential to select an image for casting. This phase was marked by substantial popularity causing the 'code' to become a rare commodity.

Despite being amidst a bear market, the beautifully crafted, innovative and sophisticated graphics from Jeerclub swept across Twitter. Initially, the total number was set at 1000 pieces, and ultimately it was finalized at 520 pieces. Though it did not provide monetary gain, it did not cost money either, not even gas fees, due to AlienSwap's zero gas policy unless the users wanted to move it on-chain.

Appeal of Jeer

Even though Jeer is a pure PFP project without any enablement, aside from being visually appealing, it attracted many due to the community it built.

Jeerclub assembled a group of talented individuals varying from product developers, artists, promoters, project managers, project CMs, project MODs, traders, and research analysts.

Being able to bring together such exceptional individuals in a bear market and fostering discussion and exchange of ideas made Jeer a unique bridge, providing intellectual wealth that is invaluable compared to ETH and BTC.

Advent of Jeergirl

Three months after the inception of Jeer, Jeergirl was introduced to the Jeer community.

Jeergirl took the concept of Jeer further and promoted inclusivity, aiming not just at the original 520 members but a much broader audience. Jeergirl, unlike its predecessor, did not require a code and was launched on AlienSwap for everyone, allowing minting at the cost of 0.0123 ETH.

Despite some technical glitches, the Jeergirl minting process was smooth overall, with the launch reaching a sell-out within a few days.

The Success of Jeergirl

The journey from 0.0123 to 0.45 ETH within a matter of days showcases the tremendous success and extreme enthusiasm for Jeergirl within the community.

The JeerClub did not resort to price-pumping or institutional involvement; the interest was purely organic. With this outstanding record, the expectations for Jeergirl are high, making it a beacon of hope amidst the NFT market.

Impact on Jeer

The success of Jeergirl also reignited the interest in Jeer, leading to people buying Jeer off the floor. Although the price has dipped slightly recently, it still provides an excellent opportunity for newcomers to choose from a broader range of options.

Jeerclub's development is expected to improve continually. Even in times of failure, the community resolves to stand up, dust off, and move forward until successful. We are all eagerly anticipating the splendid performance of the new Jeer collection and the continuous growth of this vibrant community.

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